Research & Design

I go back and forth between the three research themes.

The important question is what design can do to help us live our lives without losing the "good things we have precisely because we're human" and make the most of them.

And then, to explore this question and give shape to the answer.


​大切なことは、私達が “人間だからこそ持てる良さ” を失わず、



<New relationship between a tool and a person>

There are various relationships that tools can establish with us.

It is not only to get convenience, but also, for example, to deepen our humanity through tools.

I am exploring the meaning of having a new relationship with tools from the viewpoints of "the influence of a tools on a person" and "the influence of  a person on a tool".

<Sustainability of the culture>

Japan has many beloved traditional cultures. However, they are gradually being lost, or if they do exist, they are becoming an extraordinary culture that is disconnected from our daily lives.

Therefore, I reinterpret the culture and apply it to the tools of modern life. And a user feels the culture through a tool. This is a study to enrich our mind and daily lives.

<The role played only by a certain tool>

For example, there is a role that only a chair can play in the place where it is used. This is a different role from that of about 400 years ago, when the chair was created as a product for home use.

I'm trying to redefine the role that chairs should play in the modern age and translate it into function and expression, not only in terms of sitting.  This is a study to implement them with a variety of tools.

< 人と道具の新しい関係 >

道具が私達と結べる関係性は, 多様にあります

それは ただ便利さを享受するだけではない, 例えば, 道具を通して人間性を深めることでもあります。

“物がに与える影響” と “が物に与える影響”の両側面から, 新しい関係性を持つことの意味を探究します。 

文化の持続可能性 >

日本には愛しい伝統文化が沢山あります。しかし, それらは少しずつ失われゆく文化, もしくは存在していても非日常のものとして, 日々の暮らしとは切り離された文化になりつつあります。

だから, 文化を再解釈し道具に託す。使い手は道具を通してそれを感じる。そうして, 暮らしを心豊かにするための研究です。

< その道具だからこその役割 >

例えばイスだからこそ, それが使われる場所で果たせる役割があります。

それは, きっと家庭で使う製 品としてのイスが生まれた約400年前とは, また違う役割です。

 座ることに留まらず,  現代で果たすべき役割を再定義して機能と表現に昇華すること。それを様々な道具で実施する研究です。

New relationship between a tool and a person  +  Sustainability of the culture

Draw a shadow

Almost a lid

Because of boxes

Drawn object

By a lid

Because of a box

a day

Art or graphic?


a month

Colorful object?

Joka bin - 常花瓶 

Behind a wall

Behind a window

Hide and seek - かくれんボタン

The role played only by a certain tool  +  New relationship between a tool and a person 


stool stool table


Shelf chair (for adults

Drawer chair (for adults

half chair

Ladder chair

I love dining

a place

Shelf chair 

Drawer chair 


Harness for guide dogs and their partners


Direction of the furniture series for Issi furniture design

Sustainability of the culture  +  The role played only by a certain tool

a base for a flower -tripod-

a base for a flower -magic-

a base for a flower -slit-

a base for a flower -lean-

a base for a flower -woven-

a base for a flower -floating blank-

a base for a flower -angle-

a base for a flower -grid-

Daily exploration

 Trace 2

 Trace 3

 Trace 1

 Trace 4

a pair 1

a pair 2

a pair 3

Isolation 1

Isolation 2

Feel like a flower 1

Feel like a flower 2

Feel like a flower 3

Rethink of trash with a trash can


Paper clock 2

Paper clock  1


a postcard has come

Paper wave

Wooden fan

To adapt my research to projects with companies and organizations




Kanasai guide dog association  &  Dialog in the Dark 

Kanasai guide dog association  &  SEIBAN 

The association of Kyoto Buddhism crafts

Issi furniture design 

The nursery of Kids art university

Kirara kindergarten 

Basement of my research

Works at Kokuyo