Exploring an alternative richness of our life

collaborate with ACTUS corporation

2015 - now

The richness right for the current era only interior products can offer

Going for a trip, eating delicious food, watching movies, going to a concert, etc. 

Like these activities, interior decorating enriches our life. 

Therefore, once again I would like to explore “What is the role that interior product can take?” and “what is the richness of life that only interior products can offer like?

With the ACTUS CO.,LTD, we started with exploring the background of exquisite interior products.

We visited the homes ACTUS introduced in their book, “the homes of 123 people”, and gathered information and analyzed it.

Based on the result of them, we keep making trial models and evaluating them.

The aim of the project was to explore the richness right for the current era through such a process,


旅に出る、おいしいごはんを食べる、映画を見る、コンサートへ行く...  など

それらが生活を豊かにしてくれるのと同じように、インテリアも 私達の生活を豊かにしてくれる。


”インテリアプロダクトが果たす役割 とインテリアプロダクトだからこそ提供できる生活の豊かとは?”  を。

株式会社ACTUSに御協力を頂き、まず 優れたインテリアプロダクトの背景を紐解くことから始める。