Design for seeing eye dogs and their partners

collaborate with Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and Dialog in the Dark

2016 - 2019

Life not using eyes, and life using eyes.  We humbly accept the difference.

There are several things I thought important in order to explore designs for guide dogs and their users. 

One thing is to have a recognition that the society is designed convenient for sighted people and not convenient for blind people.

 Another thing is an experience to have a recognition that guide dog users are the same living people as us and that the only difference is they live without eyesight. 

In order to achieve these goals, we gained experience of walking with guide dogs in cooperation with Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, talking with users, and learning about their life. 

Through the workshop of Dialog in the Dark(DiD) and the discussion with DiD members, we tried to bring our perspectives close to theirs.

Using eyes or not is the only difference. Through the difference, there are things to learn from each other. We can help each other because we learn and acknowledge the difference.

This is the project we cannot work on without this premise. I feel blessed to work on this project with humility and passion.

目を使わない生活 と 使う生活。その違いを謙虚に受け止める。

盲導犬 と そのユーザーのためのデザインを探究するために大切だと考えたことがある。




そしてDialog in the Dark のワークショップ と その後のDiDメンバーとのディスカッションを通し、彼らと視点を近づけた。




謙虚に しかし 情熱的に取り組める、デザイン研究者の冥利に尽きるプロジェクトである。