Design for Toys cultivating what kids have.

collaborate with Kirara kindergarten, Kyoto

2019 - 2020

What aspects of a child can design nurture? 

What aspects of a child can we nurture? 

That was the first question I set up in this research. 

And the next question is; how can it be nurtured through design?” 

This project started with a request from Kirara Kindergarten. As I worked on the designs of educational toys with students, I told them to believe in their own insights through the information they gathered in the field.

Kirara kindergarten members have their own views. So do the students. 

This time I wanted the students to put forward their views and discuss them with the kindergarten. 

Precisely because the project was progressed by faculty and students of the University of the Arts,  I think we created a good design that children can learn a lot sparking their sensibility and creativity. 

こどもの "何" をデザインで育めるのか?

こどもの "何" を育むのか?









Some of all outcomes from this project


Balls with unpredictable bouncing direction

形の成り立ちと 算数的な思考を獲得するパズル 

Puzzles to acquire the mathematical thinking and the origins of shapes

音から 中の素材を予測することで、論理性と創造性を繋ぐ玩具 

A toy that connects logic and creativity by predicting the material in the box from the sound 


Toys that nurture creativity to achieve a goal