Products for seeing eye dogs and their partners

collaborate with Seiban Ltd.  and Kansai Guide dog association

2019 -2021

The next collaborative research with a manufacturer

In order to develop research with the Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association into a product, I requested SEIBAN Ltd, that sales and production company of school backpacks to work on the research together. 

Since SEIBAN Ltd. has a long experience of producing school backpacks, it is good at using light and strong materials and joining leather and metal. 

And one of the graduates who had worked on this theme in my class joined SEIBAN. That encouraged me, too.

To convey the motion of guide dogs to their users without impairing dogs’ motility.

To make a harness look like a dog wears it rather than a dog equips it.  

To make a user look healthy just like he or she walks a dog.

To make a user look he or she walks naturally.

We aimed at making a harness to look as above. 

メーカーも参加して 次の共同研究へ


ランドセルの製造販売を手掛ける株式会社 セイバンに共同研究を依頼した。








1st   prototype

2nd   prototype

3rd  prototype

4th   prototype

5th   prototype