A design of emptiness for a life 

collaborate with the association of Kyoto Buddhism crafts 

2020 - 2022

A design for creating "the emptiness of your life" 

When I received a request from the Association of Kyoto Buddhism Crafts, I thought what I should do was take advantage of the cultural background of Buddhism crafts handed for generations and apply its beauty to modern life. 

Our free time tends to be composed of choosing content delivered by various business institutions such as TV, internet, SNS, and so on. On the reverse side, it can be said that our free time becomes a target that business institutions compete for. 

In such a modern age, spending time for oneself without relying once again on content provided by others.

I call it  “the emptiness of life”.

I thought the meaning of Buddhism crafts can contribute to having “the emptiness of life”. 

As I wanted young people to think about it, I decided to work on this project with students who were deeply interested in this theme. 

”暮らしの空白”  を 産むためのデザイン






その時間を、私は暮らしの空白 と呼ぶことにした。