Feel like a flower 2

Interior element 2020

The expression that feels like a flower.

The form is nothing like a flower, so it is doubtful to say it “looks” like a flower.

But it “feels” like a flower.

One thing is that it doesn’t look like a flower with one piece.

Interestingly, you start to “feel” like flowers as the forms that are gradually opening are added.

This is a sample of the design I made for my class at Konstfack, Sweden in 2020 to explore the difference between "looks like a flower" and "feels like a flower" and to explore the design for "feeling".


まるで、花とは違う形をしている。 なので、花の様に見えるかと言われると疑わしい。




”花のように見える” と ”花の様に感じる ” の差を整理し、感じるためのデザインを探究するため、

​2020年のKonstfack/Sweden での授業用に作った見本。