Isolation 1

clock   2022

A world divided by closing a lid

When the lid is closed, the space inside the lid and the space outside the lid seem to be exactly separated.

It is as if the world inside the lid and the world outside the lid have become two separate worlds.

To strengthen this sense, I placed the clock inside the container and closed the lid.

First of all, even though the clock is in a separate space from us, we are still connected to it by the same flow of time.

Even though this is a matter of course, when we embody it, our sense of space and time is shaken.

Then, it is visualized that the flow of time exists even in the small world inside the lid.

The visualization of time seems to make us feel the existence of another world more strongly.

This work was created in the research on the new relationship between a lid and a person.

By trying to give form to the idea that "the lid divides the world," I seek insights that can be utilized in the design of a tool.









これは  ふたと人との新しい関係  の 研究を進める際に制作したもの。

ふたが世界を分けること を形にしてみることで、道具のデザインに活用できる気付きを求める。