Isolation 2

mobile  2022

A world divided by closing a lid

When the lid is closed, the space inside the lid and the space outside the lid seem to be exactly separated.

It is as if the world inside the lid and the world outside the lid have become two separate worlds.

To strengthen this sense, I placed the mobile inside the bottle and closed the lid.

First of all, the mobile would move outside the lid, but since the wind does not blow inside the lid, the mobile does not move.

The lid separates the world where the wind does not blow and the world where the wind does blow.

And although the wind does not blow, we paradoxically strongly sense that the space and the air that fills it are inside the lid, which are the components of the wind.

This work was created in the research on the new relationship between a lid and a person.

By trying to give form to the idea that "the lid divides the world," I seek insights that can be utilized in the design of a tool.








これは  ふたと人との新しい関係  の 研究を進める際に制作したもの。

ふたが世界を分けること を形にしてみることで、道具のデザインに活用できる気付きを求める。