Art or Graphic ?

wall clock     2018

The hands of a clock mean more than the hands. 

I wonder why... when two lines are paired, there is an interest of looking like art or graphics.

On the other hand, numbers written in a circle and hands extending from the center of the circle, it looks nothing but a clock. 

No matter how beautiful and novel it is, it is still a clock, and it is hard to recognize it as an art object. 

That is how clocks have a unique expression that can only be described as a clock.

In Art or Graphic ?,  I left the element of displaying the time and added interest to the inevitable "being seen by others" of a clock.

This is a clock that not only tells time, but also gives you time to see it interestingly.


なぜだろう・・・ 線が二つ対になると、アートやグラフィックのように見える面白さがある。




Art or Graphic ? では、時間の表示という要素を残し、時計として避けて通れない ”人から見られること” に面白みを持たせた。