Colorful object?

wall clock     2018

I think clocks have a strong presence as clocks.

As I wrote in Art or Graphic, even if you hang a beautiful and novel clock on the wall, it is absolutely a clock.

It can’t afford to have the presence like an object or art piece. 

It's hard to recognize this design as a clock at first glance. This design has the appearance of an object that you can enjoy the change of expression, but the right edge of the fan-shaped part acts as a hand , and you can read the time.

A clock maintaining their raison d'etre by being seen are given the interest of being seen.

I want clocks used at home to have enough room and freedom not to be too much like a clock.

I hope that the time spent with this clock in people's daily lives will gently stimulate their sensitivity and nurture their rich hearts.


Art or Graphic でも書いているけれど、


そこには、オブジェやアートピースのような 余裕のある佇まい が無い。