Behind a wall

pen holder     2019

​An uncertain world behind the wall


The wall divides the form.

By doing so, there is a sense of mystery, as if there is a space behind the wall that we do not understand.

The inside of the wall is dense, and there is no room for the form to hide within it. Yet, because it blends into the wall, we feel a uncertain world.

The wall is also interesting because the presence of the mysterious space increases by adjusting the angle of the shape and the part of the shape to be visible.

In order to strengthen the sense of "the uncertain world over there" and "the real world here," a water-like container was attached to Behind a Wall, allowing the user to feel gravity, which is an absolute rule in this world.

I hope this container will bring a sense of playfulness and flexibility to everyday life.





Behind a wall には、「あちらの不確かな世界」と「こちらの現実世界」という感覚を強めるため、