Behind a window

lamp    2019

Lighting that enable us to perceive the "expansion of invisible space"

When we look at the wall, we cannot feel the expanse of space behind it.

However, when we look at a wall with a door and a window, it feels like there is a space behind it.

Behind a window is a lighting  which enables us to perceive the expanse of space behind a wall through the presence of a small window-like feature.

For example, I think it would be good to be installed on the bedside to provide indirect lighting to sleep with a feeling of openness or to spread the fantasy about the world behind the window to escape from the pressure of efficiency.

The design aims to gently stimulate the sensitivity that people originally have.

I think it will give us time to feel a little more heartwarming in our daily lives.

”見えない空間の広がり”  を  感じる照明



behind a windowは、小さな 窓らしき存在から、壁の向こうに空間の広がりを感じる照明である。





There is no window, only curtains. When the lights are turned on, only a shadow exists as if it were a window. However, the interesting thing about human beings is that they can feel the presence of a window.

窓は無く、カーテンだけが在る。照明が灯った時に影だけが窓のように存在する。 しかし窓の存在を感じられるのが、人間の面白さ。