I love dining

dining chair 2019

Make a clean, pleasant, and gentle dining room.

In the dining room, there are many things such as tables, chairs, storage shelves, home appliances, lighting, etc. Therefore, I think there is a shape of a chair to be considered.

The shape of a chair to show the place neatly.

The shape is neat, but you can feel fun and gentleness.

A shape that maintains a good angle between the backrest and seat and a good depth for dining.

The shape allows you to stretch your back comfortably with lumbar support.

A shape that allows you to place your elbows lightly and relax your shoulders while seated.

In many homes, the dining room is connected to the living room and becomes the center of life.

The design hopes that our lives will be satisfied both mentally and physically in that space, and that we will feel more comfortable in our daily lives.

ダイニングを すっきり たのしく やさしく





ランバーサポートで 背筋を気持ちよく伸ばせる形。



その空間において 私達の暮らしが心身共に満たされ、日常に今よりも安らぎを感じられることを願うデザイン。

A lumber support that connected to front legs


A shape that allows us to put our elbow on lightly