Ladder chair

dining chair 2017

A new moment created with furniture

Giving a child shoulder riding starts when the child asks the parents to do it.

Then, the parents bend down, pick up the child from behind, jump over the head, and place the child on their shoulders.

However, in the case of the ladder chair, the children can ask to be carried on the parents' shoulders without asking for it.

Do you do it in the house?  You might think that it is meaningless because you are not going to move around with a child or look at something far away together...but for children, it is not so.

It is fun to interact with parents, and the eye level that a kid get from sitting on the parent's shoulder is very different and interesting from their own, and there is also the attraction of sitting on the unstable shoulder.

If the parent stands and walks, the fun is doubled.

For children, it is an attraction to climb a ladder and move onto an unstable shoulder, while for parents, it is possible to communicate with the body by making the climb easier or taking a difficult position.

Furniture is an indispensable tool for comfortably maintaining the postures that are necessary for our daily lives. Along with this role, this chair has "a value that can be offered to the home precisely because of the furniture".

家具があるから生まれる 新しい時間

肩車は、こどもが親に肩車を要望することから始まる。そして親は屈んでこどもを後ろから抱き上げ、頭の上を飛び越え、肩に乗せることで肩車となる。でもLadder chairでは、こどもは要望無しで肩車をしてもらうことができる。

家の中で肩車をするのだろうか? こどもを連れて移動したり、遠くの物を見るわけではないから、する意味が無い。…と思われがちだが、こどもにとっては違う。



家具は、人が生活する上で必要な姿勢を快適に維持するために欠かせない道具である。その役目と共に、"家具だからこそ家庭に提供できる価値" を持つ椅子となった。

It can be used for magazine rack after children grow up


It also can be used for hang a shirt and a towel



Test was done at the nursery

検証 は 保育所で実施

I checked the span of ladder bar, and how easy moving to adult's shoulder from the chair is.


The test was very popular among the children that there was a waiting line.

皆 楽しんで、検証の順番待ちができるほど人気になった

It is not problem if a child climb it by him or herself.


Test of a prototype in my home. My daughter sat on my shoulder even during my diner when I came back home late.


It's a little difficult to eat but it was a happy and fun communication between us.

少し食べ難いけれど、嬉しい コミュニケーションでした