stool 2019

A stool pleasing both children and adults

After the testing of the Ladder Chair prototype at the nursery, I received a letter from one of the children there.

I was very happy to hear that the test was a pleasant memory for her.

The letter also included a letter from her mother, who told us many interesting stories.

Based on the letter, I came up with the concept of Stoool.

The three-legged stool is easy to use for both function and design. However, it is easy for children to lose their balance when sitting on it.

Therefore, Stoool is designed to be a chair that can be turned upside down so that children can sit on it safely.

This chair is high enough to be used for eating or drawing with a standard low table.

The backrest swivels ,so it can be turned and played with like a steering wheel.

And It has a feeling of fit like a cockpit of a vehicle, and was very popular among the children when I tested at the nursery.

For adults, the two boards make it easy to use as a sofa side table.

By exploring the three legs form from a child's perspective, it became a stool pleasing both adults and children.

Thank you for the letter very much!

It gave me an opportunity to explore the possibilities of the furniture from a viewpoint of children.

I also enjoyed the time I spent thinking about the design.

​大人 と こども、それぞれにうれしいスツール

Ladder chairのプロトタイプを こども芸術大学で検証した後、園児からお手紙を頂いた。



それを元に、コンセプトを考えたのが Stoool。

3本足のスツールは、機能面・意匠面共に使いやすい。しかし こどもにとっては、着座時にバランスを崩しやすい。

だから Stoool では、ひっくり返してこどもが安全に座れる椅子にした。





3本足をこどもの視点で掘り下げると、大人とこどもにとってうれしい スツールになった。




A letter from the child at nursery. A face drawing left bottom is me, and it look a lot like me.

Next to me is a child giving me a letter. This letter convey me that test of my prototype was so fun for her, so I was so happy to see this.

園児からの手紙。 左下の似顔絵は私で、よく似ています。

その隣が園児ご本人で、Ladder Chair のプロトタイプテストが楽しかったのが伝わり、 とても嬉しい手紙でした。