Dining chair 2020

You can sit comfortably. And you seem to be sitting comfortably.

Is it possible to make a chair with people sitting on it to be a part of the interior? That's what I was thinking.

If a person sitting on a chair looks relaxed, the person who sees him or her will also feel relaxed.

And the space where the person sits in the chair will also have a relaxing atmosphere.

The structure of the chair looks as if the seat is suspended.

The shape of the chair follows the lines of a person's body, making the chair and the person seem to be one.

The comfortable feeling of this chair was created from the search for such a shape.

The size of the chair is also made so that the user can sit a little more spaciously.

It is a dining chair that provides a relaxing time for sitting and looking at it.

ゆったり座れる。 そして ゆったりと座っているように見える。

座っている姿も、インテリアの一部となるような椅子にできないかな? そんなことを考えていた。