a place

shelf 2021

A furniture that creates a place

It can be placed anywhere such as in the corner of the room or by the wall.

Just with this furniture, the space around it creates some atmosphere.

Without using a partition or a wall, I aim at creating space by sense of presence created around the furniture.

“A place” is small, bus has dignified presence like Buddhist altar. The brown shelf board contains a shallow drawer where you can put something important to you and things you want it to be with your daily life.

The dignified presence, and the act of taking care of something important to us. That creates a small and special place for our daily life.






​凛とした佇まいと、大切なものをしまうこと。 それが、私達の暮らしにとって少し特別な小さな場所を作ってくれる。