Shelf chair

chair     2021

Design that brings adults close to children's perspectives

Children's perspectives are far more interesting than adults can imagine.

There are thoughts and sensitivities that only children can have that adults cannot regain.

I believe that a rich life is to make children's perspectives a part of one's life and to spend time with them. But I wonder if adults will have enough opportunities to draw out children's perspectives.

Therefore, I think it is a good thing to spend time with children's artwork as a part of our daily life.

For children, it is not only the end of making artwork, but it will be displayed in the home, appreciated, and even appear in family conversations.

However, not many families have shelves to display their children's artwork.

In addition, there are very few shelves where only children's artwork can be displayed.

This chair is designed to serve as a shelf for displaying artwork. 

The chair becomes like a small gallery, where people can spend time with their children's artwork.

Not only the artworks, but also branches, acorns, and other found objects can be displayed.

It would be interesting to have a point of view that links the people sitting on the seats and the things to be displayed.

Children's perspectives are not limited on making things.

There is no correct answer to what children create or find, and each person's perspective is expressed in their own way.

Therefore, the time when adults are interested in and talk to children is an important time for children.

Needless to say, such time is also important for the family.

I hope it becomes a time naturally integrated into our daily lives.




こどもの視点を暮らしの一部にして、その視点と共に過ごすのが豊かな暮らしだと思うが、こどもの視点を引き出す機会をおとなが十分に持てるだろうか? という疑問がある。












その大切な時間は 家族にとって大切な時間なのは言うまでもない。