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The design that adults stand close to children when they clean up

Father says "I always sit on the chair where the blocks are, so let's clean up the blocks together with me."

Mother says "I usually sit on the chair where the stuffed animals are, so let's clean up the stuffed animals together."

Children are not good at cleaning up.

However, it is not good for children if adults unconditionally take over cleaning up for them.

Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to help the children to start cleaning up by giving them an easy-to-understand reason, such as "This is where my dad sits, and this is where my mom sits."

Once the children get the momentum of cleaning up, they can continue to do it by themselves.

It is the start of cleaning up that is the first thing that bothers adults.

After the children have played, I hope that "Let's clean up together" will be a signal for them to clean up, instead of "Put it away".








だから、 「父さんが座っている場所だから、母さんが座っている場所だから」という分かりやすい理由を添えて最初に手伝うことで、こどもが片づけ始めるきっかけになれば良いと思う。