Drawer chair

chair 2021

For the life of adults, it's also nice.

The drawer chair was designed as furniture for children and adults.

However, from the exhibition and monitoring survey, I received many comments such as "I want to use it for storing my work tools in the living and dining room," "I want to use it for a single person living alone." Such comments from adults who wanted to use this chair by themselves.

We would like to introduce scenes for adult use here.

おとなだけでも 随分使える

こども と おとなが使う家具として研究した ひきだし の いすだが、

展示やモニター調査から ”リビングダイニングで親が仕事をする道具を入れておく場所として使いたい”、

”一人暮らしで使いたい” という声も沢山あった。

おとな用のシーンも ここで紹介したい。