Harness for guide dogs and their partners

harness 2021

Donation of research results to Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

The research started with the help of Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and Dialog in the Dark has been made more practical with the cooperation of Seiban Co., Ltd. Seiban kindly donated six of the finished products.

This was the end of our joint research with Seiban. It was a long road, but we believe we have created a template for a new harness.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Saban and to the graduates who joined Saban and worked with me on this research.

There are about 1,000 guide dogs in Japan, and that number has not changed over the years.

There are not enough guide dogs in Japan to make a business out of harnesses, so the question remains, who will be able to continue supplying these new harnesses?

The new harnesses are a very good design, but we are still dependent on Seiban for materials and manufacturing methods.

If we donate six harnesses and stop our research, other companies may not be able to continue producing the same harnesses.

I would like to continue to develop the research that we have done so far as a tool that we can continue to make with as many people as possible.

And I would also like to continue our efforts to pass it on to future generations who are interested in research.


関西盲導犬協会とDialog in the darkの力をお借りして始めた研究を、株式会社セイバンの協力を頂いて より実用的にしたハーネス。







今回のハーネスは とても良いデザインだが、素材や製法などセイバンに依存する所がある。




It's a natural shape to the dog's body. It has the formality of being at work, and the figure of the dog walking is closer to the figure of a dog taking a walk with a person.


When the handle is released from the hand, it is shorter than the dog's body and stays with it. When a dog goes under a chair, it is easy to move without swinging the handle.

ハンドルが手から離れた時、ハンドルは犬の体より短く 体に添い続ける。 イスの下に入る時など、ハンドルを振り回すことが無く動きやすい。

Materials are selected for their lightness, durability, and ease of maintenance. And reflective materials are used in many places so that the user can walk safely at night.


It is designed so that even the visually impaired can put it on and take it off easily.


The handle does not fall too far forward so that the user does not notice too late that the guide dog has stopped. This function is also contained within the basic shape of the product.


The angle to grip the handle is considered from three perspectives: the person can walk in a natural hand position, the distance from the dog is appropriate, and the handle easily follows the shape of the dog's body.


It was picked up by some newspapers.