Kyoto university of the arts 2015-16

Since my university is built on a mountain, there are a lot of sloping roads on the campus.

Some students told me that they want to create a vehicle they can ride on the longest slope with many curves. I thought that it is a student-like idea and found it really interesting.

After half a year at the parent-teacher conference, I got to hear from one of the parents that her son was down because their plan met with a setback, so I offered to be the project manager to support them. That was the beginning of the Todoroki Project.

As we moved forward with the production plan, financing arrangements, and the plan to ride the vehicle safely on the campus, other teachers got interested in this project. At the time of actually riding the vehicle within the campus, we got the chance to hold an exhibition and get interviewed by a newspaper and a TV channel.

I would like students to try what they find interesting. When you try, you get feedback. When you take the next action based on the feedback, the project moves forward. This time we achieved more than we expected such as an exhibition and media coverage.

Through this experience, I think they learned how important to value what they want to do and also learned the fun of thinking and taking actions on their own.

I would also like to note here that all of the Todoroki project members have very good characters. Their humanity was one of the big reasons why the project was supported by the people around them.



その半年後、保護者面談の席で「計画が頓挫して息子が落ち込んでいる」と聞き、計画をサポートできれば… とプロジェクトマネージャーを申し出たことが、彼らとの轟プロジェクトの始まりでした。




轟メンバーは本当に気持ちのいいメンバーで、彼らの持つ人間性が 轟の活動を周囲に応援させた事も、ここに記します。

Our activity was picked up on a newspaper. 京都新聞に掲載して頂きました

They have really nice humanity. とても気持ちの良い青年たちでした