Design workshop for students at art schools who want to study in Japan 

Seoul,  South Korea   2017

I gave a design workshop for students at an art school in Korea.

I went to 3 schools and gave them different workshops. I was surprised that many of them understood Japanese. I knew that they were eager to study at universities in Japan, but I didn’t expect that they understood Japanese that well.

They are also good at drawing and craft making, so I genuinely thought I want the students at my university to know their hard work.

Korean students are a little bit shy but very honest.

They were quick learners and they enjoyed my workshop.


3校を巡り、それぞれに異なるワークショップを実施しましたが、驚いたのは 多くの学生が日本語を理解できていること。 日本の大学へ留学をしたい学生達だと聞いていましたが、これほど理解できるとは驚きでした。