Design workshop for Metropolia

Helsinki,  Finland   2018

This was the 3rd time to give a workshop at Metropolia. Same as the previous year, I was able to take students from Japan. 

This time I featured Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement. The theme of the workshop was how flowers can exist at home. In the workshop, I gave a lecture on how we have come to arrange flowers at home in Japan.   

Among Japanese flower arrangement tools, I thought flower baskets are one of the most unique tools. In the last half of the workshop, we redefined flower baskets, and we designed tools to arrange flowers based on the definition. 

I always take off my hat to the students’ kindness and intelligence and the teachers’ warmth at Metropolia. Thanks to that, the students from Japan who hardly speak English were able to blend right in with the workshop. 

I am deeply grateful for their warm hospitality.


今回は生け花 を取り上げ、我々が家に花をかざるようになった経緯を紐解き、部屋の中における花の在り方をテーマにしたワークショップです。




Upon returning to Japan, the workshop and artifacts from both schools were displayed to share the learning with a large audience.