New relationship between a product and a person

Kyoto University of the Arts        2017- Now

One of my research themes is “new relationship between a tool and s person”.

Since 2017, I have started a workshop with the students who are interested in this theme.

There are three purposes of this workshop.

In order to achieve these purposes, I have been trying to create an environment where students can challenge a theme that has no easy answers, use their creative talents regardless of their academic year, and reach their own goals with originality.

In consequence, the situation is created where students discuss with interests and questions toward each other’s design and recognize each other’s design in the end.

As the students requested, fortunately, the workshop became a part of the curriculum since 2019.

私は、"道具と人における新しい関係性” を研究テーマの一つにしています。




2.学生へ、デザインを教わるのではなく デザインを自分で探究するスタンスを伝えること