Time for enjoying Design for elementary school kids

at Sewing gallery, Osaka 2014

Sewing gallery run by Hoshigaoka school gave me an opportunity to open a one-day school.

The subject was design.

I think learning design from elementary school age makes life more fun.

For example, getting information from shape, knowing the fun of expression, and knowing the fun of getting feedback from trials.

This time I gave a lecture on showing the fun of expression from the viewpoint of design.

For example, flying a gigantic paper plane, getting to know how different impressions we get depending on the shapes of our eyes, and designing name cards of one’s own.

Surrounded by the laughter of children, we were able to have three periods of class that day.

I am deeply grateful to Hoshigaoka school for giving me an opportunity to open a small design school.

星ヶ丘学園が運営するSewing galleryからお話を頂き、一日だけの小学校を開きました。





例えば 超大きな紙飛行機を作って飛ばしたり、目の形で表情からうける印象が大きく変わることを知ったり、自分の名前で名刺をデザインしたり。