Expression workshop

Children's Academy of Art and Education, Kyoto 2016

At Children's Academy of Art and Education, a preschool attached to the university, I held a workshop on creation.

I made a paper of grids and honeycomb with a cutting plotter.

Children made cubic objects by cutting and folding papers.

The papers started to look very cubic because of grid effects. Also because of honeycomb effects, the cubic objects started to have beautiful moire patterns.

This was a workshop to use materials that fuels children’s spark of creation.

The following week, we brought the cubic objects into a dark room and shed light on the objects.

Shadow usually looks planar, but because of grid and honeycomb effects, the shadow looks cubic, which brought excitement to children.

Adults rarely have an opportunity to enjoy playing with something they created by themselves.

But why is that? I think this is a crucial question for adults.

The time of contemplating the fun of expression to show children has also become the time of learning the fun of expression for myself once again.

大学に併設の幼稚園 ”こども芸術大学” で、園児へ向けた "創作の時間" を実施しました。








でも、なぜ出来なくなるのでしょうね…? これは、大人にとって大切な問いだと思います。


最後にちょっとした エピソードを紹介します

お子さんから「この紙 (私が制作した材料)、切るのめちゃ気持ちええで。ちょっと切らしたるわ。」と親御さんは言われたそうです。

そして、親御さんは少し切らせてもらったところ 「確かに気持ち良かった。(笑)」そうです。



私はこの話が すごく好きで、何とも言えない幸福感に包まれます。


I would like to introduce a small episode in the end.

A mother was told by her child, “It really feels nice to cut this paper. You can try just a bit”.

So the mother was given a chance to cut the paper by her child. She said, “it felt surely nice as my child said” and laughed.

She was also surprised by the fact that her child invited her to do something because things like that had never happened before.

She laughed and said, “It was such a nice feeling and an interesting discovery for my child”.

I really liked this story. It filled me with bliss.

The child gave his mother a chance to cut the paper just a little bit. I found it interesting that he wanted to keep enough space to cut for himself but at the same time he wanted to share the fun experience with his mother.