Design of creating emptiness for our daily life

暮らしの中の空白 展

MOCAD gallery in Kyoto Museum of Craft and Design , Kyoto 2021

--From the text of the exhibition introduction--

It has been about 1,500 years since Buddhism arrived in Japan. Since then, it has evolved in its own unique way to save people's hearts and minds, but in modern life, opportunities to use Buddhist thought and the Buddhist ritual tools which have that thought behind them are gradually decreasing.

However, we believe that by making use of the cultural background of Buddhism crafts, we can create tools to bring " emptiness" into our daily lives, and we have established the following perspectives for thinking about emptiness.

<Improving efficiency in our daily lives>

Thanks to the development of IT and logistics, IoT tools, and convenience goods, our lives have become greatly more efficient.

As a result, the time needed to maintain our daily lives has been shortened and the time available for ourselves has increased.

<How we use our time>

What are we doing with the increased time we have for ourselves?

What do we mean by "for ourselves"?

<Things that entertain us>

We live in an age where things designed to entertain us are very easily obtainable.

SNS, games, video viewing, movie and drama subscriptions, and comic book subscriptions are typical examples, of using everyone's smartphone as a gateway.

These things keep us entertained all the time.

<Does having fun = entertaining? >

The variety of things prepared to entertain us is unlimited in choice. They are prepared in front of us every day.

Every day, we choose something from the things which we know will entertain us, and we enjoy them.

The environment is set up for us to spend such time.


Things prepared to entertain us.

What are they competing with each other for?

<The possession of the something to be taken away>

Time in our lives can be defined as "time as something to be taken away.

But we are the owners of our time.

<Empty in our daily life>

The time that no one can take away from us, but that we use as our own. The time that we spend without depending on things made to entertain us.

This time, I call it emptiness in our lives.


Is there emptiness in your life?

What do you think the emptiness in your life is used for?

Takaaki Oe

―展示会 ご案内の文章より―


しかし仏具の持つ文化的背景を活かすことで、私達の暮らしに " 空白の時間 " をもたらすための道具が作れるのではないかと考え、空白について考えるための以下の視点を設定しました。


 IT×物流の発展、道具のIoT化、便利グッズのおかげで私達の暮らしは 著しく効率化された。









<楽しんでいる=楽しませる なのか?>







<“奪われる対象” の 所有>





 今回はそれを 空白 と呼ぶ。




大江 孝明