Experiment and Exploration


Dohjidai Gallery of Art, 2022

--From the text of the exhibition introduction-- 

In this study group, we are designing a wall clock using paper.

And the purpose of this study group is to explore through design.

We used paper because it allows for quick experiments and prototyping for exploration, and because it is a relatively environmentally friendly material.

We chose to use a wall clock because we thought it made sense to make it out of paper, both functionally and contextually.

Now, the attitude of exploration is essential to finding new answers, and to finding answers that only you can give.

And an essential action in exploration is experimentation. It is an action that produces value whether it succeeds or fails.

The important question is, how do we make use of our failures? And how do we transform the accumulation of failures into successes? 

If we become accustomed to a value system in which the correct answer is "the answer that someone else has given us," we will lose our attitude to search for new answers. This is a great loss for the individual and society as a whole.

What I find interesting in my research is the process of searching for my unique answers while trying various things. I want students to know the importance and fun of this process, so I obtained a special budget from the president of our university and had the opportunity to hold this study session and exhibition.

This wall clock is the result of repeated experimentation and exploration by everyone while using it as an opportunity to hand over the findings of my research. 

Although the design is experimental, it is also available for purchase.

We hope you will take a look at it while imagining what it would be like to use it at home.

Takaaki Oe

――展示会  ご案内の文章より――







大切なのは、失敗をどう生かすか? 失敗の積み重ねを、どうやって成功に変化させていくか? ということです。

“誰かに決められた答え” を正解とする価値観に慣れてしまうと、新しい答えを探す姿勢を失います。そして、自分にしか出せない答えにも目を向けられなくなるのですが、それは本人とって、そして社会にとっても大きな損失です。





 大江 孝明

 With students joining  my study group    参加した学生達と共に