Furniture for children and parents


おとな と こども が使う家具

Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto  2021

--From the text of the exhibition introduction--

<The important point is "involvement" >

How can children be involved when adults are using furniture?

・How can adults be involved in the time when children are using the furniture?

・What will be created as a result of this involvement?

I hope to explore these questions with students based on my own research.

<What I would like us to think about in order to explore "involvement"? >

What kind of behavior of adults can children be close to?

・What kind of behavior of children can adults be close to?

・What kind of adults' time can children be close to?

・What kind of children's time can adults be close to?

What kind of time is newly created in our lives as a result of these interactions?

<How can we be close to each other in order to create "involvement"? >

   This is the underlying concept of the exploration.

The final product was very interesting and showed new possibilities for the role of furniture.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Isshi Furniture company for giving me this great opportunity to hand my research to the students in such a way.

 Takaaki Oe

――展示会  ご案内の文章より――

<大切なポイントは "関わり" >

・おとなが家具を使っている時に、どのようにすれば こどもがその時間に関わることができるか?

・こどもが家具を使っている時に、どのようにすれば おとながその時間に関わることができるか?


自身の研究をベースに、これらを学生と共に探究できれば良いな と思いました。

<"関わり" を掘り下げるために考えて欲しいこと> 

おとなのとる どんな行動に、こどもが寄り添うか

・こどものとる どんな行動に、おとなが寄り添うか

・おとなの過ごす どんな時間に、こどもが寄り添うか

・こどもの過ごす どんな時間に、おとなが寄り添うか


<"関わり" を生むために どのように寄り添うことができるか?> 




 大江 孝明

Athletic table

Direction Takaaki Oe/ Design Minori Azuma

Drawer chair  /  Design Takaaki Oe

Click here to see  Drawer chair

Shelf chair  /  Design Takaaki Oe

Click here to see  Shelf chair 

Stepstool & Table

Direction Takaaki Oe/ Design Satsuki Nakanishi

 With students joined the project     参加した学生達と共に