New relations between a lid and a person

ふた と 人との新しい関係 展

MEDIASHOP  gallery 1 & 2, Kyoto  2023

--From the text of the exhibition introduction--

One of my studies is exploring new relations between products and people. It is questionable that tools born with a certain purpose continue to have the same relationship with people throughout the changing times. The role of tools can be redefined as a society and people's lives change over time.

The tools we have been using for a long time have a history and a development history. Designs that make use of them provide a sense of familiarity and freshness that new products do not have, as well as the deep narrative that lies behind them.

The result of this redefinition sometimes contributes to maintaining our humanity and has the power to move society in a good direction. I think the universality that comes from making use of the preconditions that tools have, and the creativity that comes from overturning the preconditions, are the sources of that power.

This year's theme is lid.

Lids are very special among tools, and a lid by itself has almost no functional meaning. 

The most obvious example is a pot lid. Even if only the lid exists, it has no use as a lid and cannot fulfill its function. The existence of a lid is meaningful only when there is a container called a pot. If I add one more thing, the ability to open and close the lid is an important requirement for the existence of a lid.

In this way, when we focused on the lid again, interesting designs that we had not thought of before emerged from the exploration with the students, and I felt that I was able to pass on my own research methods to them.

I hope you will take a look at the results of my continued exploration of new relationships between tools and people.

Takaaki Oe

――展示会  ご案内の文章より――




今回のテーマは ふた です

ふたは 道具の中ではとても特殊で、ふただけでは機能的な存在意義は ほぼ無いと言えます。 

一番分かり易いのは、鍋のふたです。ふただけ存在していても、ふたとしての使い道は無く、機能は果たせません。鍋という容器があって、初めてその存在は意味を持ちます。 もう一つ加えるなら、ふたは 開閉が出来るということが存在意義としては、大切な要件となります。



 大江 孝明

gallery 1 

exhibition of the exploration process

gallery 2 

exhibition of the outcomes

With students joining my exhibition.   参加した学生達と共に