A vase for a flower -slit-

flower vase 2018

The wonder of vertical grids

This flower vase made of vertical grids makes flowers that extend lengthwise look more free and spontaneous.

Also, it enhances the beauty of the flowers.

Arranging a flower within grids so that it will extend outward, you would realize how tolerant the vase is to let the flower be arranged freely.

If you arrange a flower beside the mouth of the vase, you would find it fun as if the vase was talking to the flower, “Why are you here?”.

But then, it also looks as if the flower was cuddling up to the vase in a gentle way.

The design makes it possible to enjoy different ways of arranging flowers that slightly break the conventional ways.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of a single flower in the relationship with the vase.



格子の隙間から 外に伸びるように花を生けると、花を自由に生けることを許容する花器の懐の深さを感じさせる。

花器の口の脇に花を生けると、「なんでそこに…」と 花器が花に問いかけるような面白さがある。