wooden fan

fan 2018

A fan creating a stiff breeze elegantly

I thought it would be great if there is a plain wood fan.

A fan that is beautiful, noble, and warm.

A fan that is beautiful as it sits in a room.

As a material, I used plywood that is easily bent for mold. It can easily bow and create a stiff breeze.

Also, the incised shape to be bow more flexible has its uniqueness in shape more than its functionality.

The fans were provided to apprentice geishas at Miyako Odori, a traditional dance event in Kyoto.

上品に 強い風を起こす うちわ





また、より柔らかにしなるように 切り込んだ形も、機能だけにとどまらない 形の面白さがある。

京都の伝統行事である、都をどり で舞妓さんへも提供され、好評を頂けた。