Feel like a flower 3

Interior element 2021

The expression that “feels” like a flower

The form is nothing like a flower, so it is doubtful to say it “looks” like a flower.

But it “feels” like a flower.

When it is still, it doesn’t feel like a flower, but the head starts to color at once as it gets slight vibration.

Coloring reminds us of “blossoming” and makes it feel like a flower.

This is a sample of the design I made for my class at Konstfack, Sweden in 2021 to explore the difference between "looks like a flower" and "feels like a flower" and to explore the design for "feeling" by using movement..


まるで、花とは違う形をしている。 なので、花の様に見えるかと言われると疑わしい。



色づきが ”咲いた” ということに紐づき、花と感じさせる。

”花のように見える” と ”花の様に感じる ” の差を整理し、感じるためのデザインを動きを用いて探究するため、​

2021年のKonstfack/Sweden での授業用に作った見本。

in a state of standstill  静止状態

When it gets slight vibration  微振動を加えた時

If a worm comes eating a flower... 虫が花を食べに来ても...

flicked away by slight vibrations.  振動で弾き飛ばす