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container  2022

Turning a stone into a container

Put a lid on a stone and turn it into a container.

The stone just exists, but when a lid with capacity is put on it, the stone becomes like a container.

If you can cover something with a lid, you can probably turn anything into a container....

Because a lid's partner is a container.

That is the interesting thing about the lid.

This work was created in the research on the new relationship between a lid and a person.

By trying to give form to the idea that "the lid divides the world," I seek insights that can be utilized in the design of a tool.







これは  ふたと人との新しい関係  の 研究を進める際に制作したもの。

ふたが世界を分けること を形にしてみることで、道具のデザインに活用できる気付きを求める。


Turn it upside down and the stone becomes the lid.