Shelf chair

chair 2021

For the life of adults, it's also nice.

The Shelf chair was designed as furniture for children and adults.

However, from the exhibition and monitoring survey, we received many feedbacks such as "adults want to use it as a place to display their favorite things in their daily life" and "it has a beautiful shape and can be used even without children.

I would like to introduce a scene for adults here.

おとなだけでも 随分使える

こども と おとなが使う家具として研究した のいすだが、

展示やモニター調査から ”おとなが 暮らしの中で好きなものを飾る場として使いたい” 

”形が美しく、こどもがいなくても使いたい” という声も多数頂いた。

おとな用のシーンも ここで紹介したい。