Half chair

chair    2022

A design that a family weaves a story from a question having no answer.

Only half a chair is there.

I hope that through this chair, parents and children can tell stories as they come up with them.

Using their imagination, their fantasy, and thinking of a story that would connect logically, 

why is this chair only half? And what happened to the other half? Like.

"Maybe the furniture maker ran out of materials and could only make half of it."

"Maybe the samurai cut it down and only half of it escaped with their lives."

"Maybe half of it went to a child who didn't have a chair at home."

"Maybe it's used as a tool to sit on, just like in our house."

"Your father couldn't afford to buy only half of the chairs,

  I hope you can buy the other half when you grow up."

"Half of it is here, and the other half is in heaven with Grandpa."

"The other half has gone on a trip and is probably on a south island right now."

 "In Antarctica, the chair might have frozen over and you'll never come back."

 "In the jungle, a gorilla might be sitting on it."

Why is this chair only half?   The question which has no answer exists forever.  The question creates a void, and the story fills a void.

There is someone to tell a story with,  there is someone to think about a story with,  and there is someone to tell you a story.

I think that having a child means having such a partner.

It is different from reading a picture book to a child, but a story weaved by a parent and a child is born.

I think it would be great if stories could be created as many times as possible until the child grows up.

I would like you to talk about this chair as many times as you like, saying, "This chair might be...." from time to time.









 "うちと同じように 座る道具として使われているのかな"

 ・"お父さんは お金が無くて半分だけしか買えなかったから、


 ・"半分はここに居て、残り半分は お爺ちゃんと一緒に天国に居るよ"










こどもがいるという事は、そういう相手がいる という事だと思う。