Design workshop for students at art schools who want to study in Japan 

Seoul,  South Korea   2019

I gave a design workshop for students at an art school in Korea.

I went to four schools and gave them different workshops. At one of the schools where I have been invited several times, I set a little tricky theme, “If you could design your own nails, what would they be like?” for the workshop. I was able to see lots of interesting ideas.

Every time I gave a workshop in Korea, I feel that they have a friendly feeling toward Japan. 

I wish Japan and Korea will keep a good relationship in the field of art and design.  Also, I wish I can be of some help to the good relationship.


4校を周り それぞれに違うワークショップを実施しましたが、何度か招待を頂いているアートスクールでは、

少し捻ったテーマ「もしも  爪を自分でデザインできるとしたら…?」というテーマで取り組み、