Design workshop for Metropolia University of applied sciences

Helsinki,  Finland   2017

When I stayed at Metropolia University of applied sciences last year, I thought it would be interesting if students in Japan and Helsinki could learn together in class. I told the teachers at Metropolia about this idea, and the idea came true. Even for a short time, Japanese students were able to join the workshop.

Japanese students hardly speak English. Even though, I wanted them to communicate with the students of Metropolia using other means of communication as well.

I learned that I could manage with my poor English, I told them that it is important not to give up on communicating. 

Even though they had a tough time communicating in English, they built so good relationships that they shed tears when leaving. 

It was really rewarding for me to take the students all the way from Japan.

The theme of the workshop was “wrapping”.

I gave a lecture on the Japanese culture of wrapping from the viewpoint of design. Then after comparing with Finish culture, I told the students to define the meaning of “wrapping” on their own. Based on the definition, they designed a product that can be enclosed with letters. 

昨年Metropolia University of applied sciences に滞在した際に、








日本に於ける包む文化をデザイン視点で紐解き、Fnlandとの文化比較を交えて、包む事の意味を各自が定義します。 その定義を基に、手紙に共に封入するためのプロダクトをデザインしました。