New relations between buttons and people

ボタンと人との新しい関係 展

Kyoto University of art and design, Kyoto 2017

One of my research themes is to explore new relationships between a person and a tool.

I shared this research method with students and held a study session during the summer break to think about design together.

The output of the study group was shared within the university, and that was the beginning of this exhibition.

What I thought about with the students this time was a new relationship between buttons and people. There are five reasons for this.

Buttons are mass-produced products.

Buttons are not restricted by functionality, so it is easy for creativity to be freely exercised.

Prototypes can be easily made even in short-term workshops because they are small and do not require complex mechanisms.

It is so common in our daily life that we hardly pay attention to it.

Therefore, it is meaningful to consider new possibilities, and it is worth challenging.

The exhibition was seen by many people and we received a lot of feedback.

It was a very valuable learning opportunity for me and my students.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and gave us feedback.

Takaaki Oe









・だからこそ 新しい可能性を考える意味があり、挑戦し甲斐があること




大江 孝明

With students joining my study group 勉強会に参加した学生達と