Funiture for children and parents

おとなとこどもが使う家具  展

Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto   2023

--From the text of the exhibition introduction--

Rather than exploring the necessity of adults and children using furniture together for a long time, 

we are exploring the possibility of creating new family time through interaction between adults and children, even if only for a short time.

Furniture is not something that is taken out of storage only when it is used, but something that is always present in our daily lives.

The constant presence of furniture in our life space creates new relationships among family members, and new family time is born.

With this viewpoint, we have started an industry-academia collaboration in 2020, and will exhibit 9 pieces of furniture as a result of this collaboration for now.

We hope that this exhibition will provide you with a good opportunity to think about what furniture can do.

I am conducting joint research on furniture with Isshi  Furniture from the following perspectives while handing over to the students one of my research themes, "the role that a tool can play because it is a tool".

< The important point is " interaction">.

 How can children interact with parents when they are using furniture?

 How can parents interact with children when they are using furniture?

 What is generated as a result of this interaction?

<What should we think about in order to explore "interaction"? >  

 What kind of behavior of adults can children be close to?

 What kind of behavior of children can adults be close to?

 What kind of parets' time can children be close to?

 What kind of children's time can adults be close to?

 What kind of time is newly created in our daily life as a result of this cohabitation?

<How can we be close to each other in order to create " interaction"?>

 This is the underlying concept of this exploration.

Takaaki Oe

――展示会  ご案内の文章より――

おとな と こどもが、長い間一緒に使う必要性を探究するよりも、





ご高覧を頂き、家具にできる事 について考える良き機会となれば幸甚です。



< 大切なポイントは「関わり」>

 おとなが家具を使っている時に、どのようにすれば こどもがその時間に関わることができるか?

 こどもが家具を使っている時に、どのようにすれば おとながその時間に関わることができるか?



<「関わり」を掘り下げるために考えて欲しいこと >

 おとなのとる どんな行動に、こどもが寄り添うか

 こどもことる どんな行動に、おとなが寄り添うか

 おとなの過ごす どんな時間に、こどもが寄り添うか

 こどもの過ごす どんな時間に、おとなが寄り添うか


< 関わりを生むために 寄り添うこと >


 大江 孝明

With students joining my exhibition.   参加した学生達と共に