New relations between a walls and a person

と人との新しい関係 展

Media shop gallery,  Kyoto     2019

--From the text of the exhibition introduction-- 

A wall is an indispensable part of our lives.

However, we are usually unaware that it is there.

We receive many benefits from its presence, but we are not aware of the fact that we spend time with it because we take its presence for granted.

This is because the wall plays the role of constructing the environment itself.

We take it for granted that we spend our time in the environment constructed by the wall and that we put something in it, and we act accordingly.

Walls have been a part of our lives for a long time, and since the beginning of mankind, we have used walls to protect us from the cold and heat, to keep records for future generations, and to use walled boxes as tools for storage.

This exhibition will present the results of the exploration of our relationship with walls from the perspective of product design. After summarizing the history of a wall and its place in our lives today, we explore the relationship on two axes: how a wall affects a person, and how a person affects a wall.

We will then reconsider the relationship between the walls and ourselves, and propose new tools to embody this relationship.

When the art university considers the wall as a research project, what form and function will appear? 

This is the result of an exploration to reconsider the relationship between people and tools in today's world, where many products, including walls, have little awareness of their existence.

Takaaki Oe

――展示会  ご案内の文章より――







そんな壁と我々の関係について、プロダクトデザインの視点で探求した結果を今回は展示します。壁の歴史と現在の暮らしに於ける位置づけを整理した後、壁が人に与える影響 と 人が壁に与える影響 という二つの軸で関係を深掘りしてゆきます。




 大江 孝明

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